AccentPDIR flow meters consistently produce reliable flow measurement performance to ensure proper blending, signal transmission, fluid transfer, and compliance with international industry requirements. We can supply an array of measurement technologies from different manufacturers to meet your process requirements.


AccentPDIR carries a comprehensive selection of fluid pumps. We stock metering pumps, peristaltic pumps, centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps, drum/barrel pumps, gear pumps, fuel powered pumps, manual pumps, and piston pumps all from leading manufacturers.

Wind Turbine

Most fluid systems require instrumentation for process control. AccentPDIR offers a broad range of flow, level, temperature, and wet analytical field instrumentation. Along with these sensors, AccentPDIR offers controllers to monitor these sensors and provide intuitive process control and remote communications and reporting capabilities.

Water Purification

AccentPDIR has decades of expertise providing pumps, instruments and control solutions for water purification. We offer competitively priced water quality monitoring panels, pump skids, enclosures, corrosion coupon racks, fluoroplastic tubing, pH buffer solutions, ORP & conductivity standard solutions.

Wastewater Treatment

Our broad product line addresses water treatment needs across the spectrum of industrial, commercial, and municipal water or wastewater applications. AccentPDIR combines product knowledge, industry experience, and well-stocked inventory to respond to your water treatment requirements.

Light Bulb
Fire & Gas Detection

When considering safety and compliance, knowing that it is done right the first time is critical for your employees and customers. AccentPDIR has provided instrumentation and application expertise to a broad customer base addressing flame and gas detection needs in some of the most demanding environments, including oil & gas, aerospace, mission critical, government, and industrial.

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System Customization

Combining AccentPDIR's experience and knowledge of pumps, instrumentation, and process control has enabled us to develop expertise in system customization and panel assembly. We design and assemble custom panels and complex systems for quick and easy installation, providing an effective tool for monitoring your water treatment program. Simply provide our design team with your unique product specifications and we can create an equipment package solution for your company.

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Repair Services

AccentPDIR offers tehcnical support, service, and in-house repair. Our staff is highly knowledgeable in pump troubleshooting, service, and repair across a broad range of manufacturers and applications. Send us your problem units. If repairs are feasible, we'll send you an estimate and start repairs as soon as you give us the go-ahead.

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Customer Service

The AccentPDIR customer service team takes pride in processing and managing your needs from order entry through fulfillment. Working closely with technical support, we make sure that what you order is correct for your application. Plus, you get timely communications related to your order along the way. Contact us today.

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Who We Represent

AccentPDIR represents a wide range of suppliers to provide you with all of your instrumentation needs. See our line-up below and view our line card on the Resources tab for more information.

Video Instruction Library

Our video library contains a selection of instructional videos for equipment and systems. Feel free to browse and watch for quick and easy explanations of product set-up and application. As always if you require more personalized assistance or cannot find a video that addresses your needs, please reach out to our support team so that we may assist you.

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